We are excited that you've found our website!  What do we do?  We do just about anything that has to do with advertising your business, or decorating your Man Cave, or even a banner for that special occasion.  However, what we specialize in are Vehicle Wraps, such as the truck pictured above.


We are faith based Americans who serve hard working Americans.  We work for the ones who get up every day and get the job done.  We PROUDLY support our men and women who wear our country's uniform.  We PROUDLY support our first responders such as Police, Fire and EMS.  Our house honors those who have have stood on a wall at some point in history, and kept watch over us.


May God continue to bless this nation in spite of those that seek to do her harm...both foreign and domestic.


Call us today to find out how we can tailor our God-given talents to grow your small business.  We proudly serve the Central Ohio area.  614.832.3693

Welcome To Prographix of columbus!

Relax!  We are Fellers Certified, and we use only the finest wrap materials available!

We were honored to team up with the Ohio Automobile Dealers Association, The Columbus Dispatch and THE Ohio State University Dept of Design to do all of the wraps for the ART ON WHEELS Gallery at the prestigious Columbus International Auto Show!  It was a BLAST and no doubt one of the biggest attractions at the show with THOUSANDS of people coming through our booth!  Among the 7 vehicles on display was the awesome Ricart Ford GT, wrapped in style with the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The show was a huge success.  Thank you, Columbus!

"For the 20 million small businesses that can no longer use Yellow Pages to drive growth, wrapping their vehicles is the most cost-effective solution."                                                                                     Frank Fellers - Feller's Wrap Supply


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Say hello to our shop truck, Chevallac!  She's an 89 Chevy 1500 with an Escalade front clip, and a GMC Sierra bumper!  20" Daytons on air bags!  A little 200 watt audio system tops it all off with 2 JL Audio 8" Subs, Lanzar, MB Quart and Boston Acoustic Mids & Highs!  It's a CLEEEEEEN sound!  We are among a very few in the U.S. that design these Rust/Patina wraps.  We'll gladly do one for YOU!   See the BIG pics here.