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First, we must answer the question:  What IS a Wrap?


Vinyl wraps (also known as commercial wraps, paint-replacement wraps, color-change wraps, vehicle wraps, boat wraps, motorcycle wraps, wall wraps, window wraps, etc.) are an exciting indoor/outdoor advertising and personalization medium. A vinyl wrap is like a big sticker really. They are created by applying ink-jet printed or solid-color pressure-sensitive adhesive vinyl onto nearly any vehicle, piece of furniture, object, interior surface, or building exterior. For more durable long-term wrap applications and to protect the printed surface, a clear overlaminate is often laid over the wrap as well. The simplest vinyl wraps use only solid-colored pressure-sensitive vinyl to literally change the color or appearance of a painted surface such as turning a gloss vehicle into a matte appearance.


Most vinyl wraps on painted metal surfaces are non-permanent and can be removed or changed out quickly. Most vinyl wraps can last for years.



How Do I Justify The Cost of a Wrap?


There is no more cost-effective advertising method and there is also no more cost effective customization/personalization method available than wraps.


 Studies have shown that wraps are the most cost effective form of advertising available today. In a city of 50,000, a wrap can get over 8 million views per year. Obviously, in higher traffic areas, you get more attention. Many people who get their vehicle wrapped park it outside of their business near a busy intersection for maximum exposure. A wrap works for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and it's a one-time advertising expense, unlike other traditional media like radio, television or even yellow pages. As a specific example, one study from 3M shows that you would have to spend over $130,000 on television ads to generate equivalent annual impressions of a $3,500 wrap!


 Vehicle wraps are uniquely mobile. Would McDonald's let you stake your sign or banner on their lawn while you eat lunch? No, but you can park your wrapped vehicle on their lot while eating and get all that exposure in a very high traffic area!


 Wraps can also customize/personalize better than any other method and have unique benefits over custom painting. For example, many photographic and artistic elements simply can't be reproduced perfectly by painting or air-brushing. Some colors, such as Chrome, and some textures, such as Carbon Fiber, are extremely expensive if not impossible to reproduce with paint. But the single most important benefit of wrapping over custom painting is that a wrap can often be easily removed or repaired. In fact, wraps are often used to "protect" the original paint underneath, which actually increases the resale value of many vehicles. Removal of wraps can create damage, especially on painted walls, or surfaces that have poor paint adherence.


How Do I Know What My Wrap Will Look Like When It's Done?


Your wrap installer should submit color proofs, material samples, and/or show you their portfolio before beginning the job. Searching on the internet or social media will also provide you many examples of what your finished wrap will look like. You will be asked to sign off for approval prior to starting your wrap. You can expect slight color differences between the proofs and final wrap due to the difference between printing on paper versus vinyl and the difference in inks, but there shouldn't be extreme color differences.


Design costs can significantly impact the overall cost of any wrap depending upon the quality level you desire. For example, if you demand the design services of a well known artist or, if your design requires license fees, this could increase your cost.



When a potential client says, "Your price is higher than ABC Signs..."  This saying below is usually my response.



Columbus Diesel Supply's Diesel Rescue Unit.  Mark Massey and his team gutted and revamped a retired ambulance so they could offer Roadside Assistance to their customers.  Click the picture above to visit their website.